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Video about cute happy birthday texts to your boyfriend:

Cutest song for your boyfriend😍🤗😘

Cute happy birthday texts to your boyfriend. New Birthday Texts For Deceased Loved Ones | Birthday Quotes.

Cute happy birthday texts to your boyfriend

Happy Birthday to an insanely awesome person! I love you, best birthday! I had many friends but all I needed was to find a true friend like you. He is your prince! A good friend understands you even when you are silent. Because you are the gift in my life. Friendship is like a spell that makes good times even better and makes bad times forget. To make your special day more special… I wish you a very happy Birthday… I hope you all dreams come true this year. To have a happy life, sing like no one can hear you, Dance as no one is watching you, and love as no one has ever loved before, and live in earth as you live in heaven! A new addition to the list and one of our favorites!

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    This day is as special to me as it is to you.


    May your Birthday be filled with so many laughs that I can hear them through all the distance between us. Happy Birthday, my lovely girlfriend!


    No matter how many years are added to your age, you are still number one to me. Happy Birthday to the most special person in my life!


    Happy Bday my hotties.


    Thank you for your commitment and dedication and congratulations on this day.