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Video about erogenous zones on a woman:

Friends - Monica & Rachel & Chandler " the Erogenous zones of women and Sex"

Erogenous zones on a woman. Erogenous zone.

Erogenous zones on a woman

Legs[ edit ] The thighs can be sensitive to touch. Use your tongue and trace the outer ear, and gently nibble on the lobe. We have a whole section dedicated to G-spot orgasms, so today we will focus on the A-spot or Deep Spot and the PS-spot. Now that you know where all her hot secret spots are, try combining stimulation to two or more spots at the same time, using your fingers, tongue and other types of sexy play! It would be a shame to set in stone once and for all our erogenous zones on a map and be satisfied only with the places we know. Light caresses, kissing as well as sucking of her nipples are better options and can go a long way! Men have identified as many erogenous zones as women. Remember to take it easy here. Take some time, and play around. You may just find a new spot that she never even knew she loved. Foot fetishism Because of the concentration of nerve endings in the sole and digits of the human foot—and possibly due to the close proximity between the area of the brain dealing with tactile sensations from the feet and the area dealing with sensations from the genitals—the sensations produced by both the licking of the feet and sucking of toes can be pleasurable to some people.

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    Kiss her and then proceed to gently bite her. Once she is aroused, begin licking her like a sweet ice cream cone from the vaginal opening towards the clitoris, nice and slow.


    Only three zones get rated above seven for men: So don't pounce on them, or squeeze them too hard.


    There, you should feel a smooth ridge and groove, like the edge of a Frisbee that is encircles the cervix.


    Breasts Now most men go crazy on them breasts, but the trick is to build up the excitement.


    We don't blame you, for we women are complex creatures.


    These areas include the sides and back of the neck , the inner arms , the axillae armpits and sides of the thorax chest.