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GIRLFRIENDS Season 1 Full Episodes

Girlfriend sitcom. Troy Barnes.

Girlfriend sitcom

Aaron goes crazy, thinking he could have done more to help them while they were in New York City. Elaine brings her new boyfriend, Aaron Judge Reinhold up to the apartment. Troy helps Abed pull a number of classic college pranks. He is cunning, irresponsible but very charismatic, and likes to use his charms to flirt with various girls. At the end of the semester, his father kicks him out of the house to make room for his much younger girlfriend. Meanwhile, the Costanzas seem puzzled by the Seinfelds' declining a dinner invitation due to their "plans" and assume that they the Seinfelds don't like them. Meanwhile, Frank realizes that his vacation clothes are missing. Pierce learns that Troy had been quoting his offensive comments on a Twitter account called "Old White Man Says," but eventually forgives him when he finds out how popular the account had become. He is charming and very serious, but when angered, he becomes extremely stubborn and comically violent, often taking out a katana and scaring his friends by claiming he will commit seppuku. He gets together with Nuolan in the fourth season, but always feels that he still likes Yifei. He is a freelancer, though often thinks of smart ideas to make money or trick his friends into doing his bidding though also occasionally fail and lead him to trouble.

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    When he helps Britta out at her dance recital it lays the seeds for future developments between them.


    School year synopsis Troy is still adjusting to living with Pierce when he returns to school. Newman comes into the shop and Jerry, angry that he sabotaged his relationship with Rachel, confronts him and chases him out into the street.


    He eventually confessed his love to her at the end of season 1, which she accepted. Troy helps Abed pull a number of classic college pranks.


    He returns in Season 4, but then receives a job offer to go around the world for his company.