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Video about how to be a great thinker:

Are You A Visual Thinker?

How to be a great thinker. Judicial Services Exams Online Coaching Neelambar Jha.

How to be a great thinker

Website In A Detail: Politics is where we join hands. A faith that does not become culture is a faith not fully embraced, not fully appreciated and not faithfully lived. That is a vitally important if tenuous fact. Americans are having difficulty separating fact from fiction. Any theology that has to modify itself to suit cultural fashion is irrelevant, and any theology that does not directly engage current culture is dead. Liberty itself demands citizens who seek to live virtuous lives. That is exactly the same situation that exists between Catholicism and Protestantism, and between each and every Protestant denomination and every other Protestant denomination. Exactly what kind of a people are we? The three completely incompatible, sworn, implacable mortal enemy religious, ideological and political arguments under contention in every single geopolitical contest today are: Love of God, and Love of Neighbor.

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    Show me the same thing regarding the Islamic doctrine demanding expansion of the Ummah to dominate the whole world by force if necessary, whether in the Koran or anywhere in Islamic history. Christianity and Judaism, alone, are absolutely compatible in the interpretation and application of the Love Of Neighbor Commandments, or, Morality.


    We have pointed out, in the recent No Party America page among other places, the horrible results of moral, demographic and political agenda changes in America, are the direct result of the purposeful indoctrination, propagandizing and educational dumbing-down of the American electorate.


    Critical thinking is best done one man at a time. Judaeo-Christian believers who differ in Theology are Political brothers.


    These are vitally important topics for you to ponder, meditate on, pray over, and — ultimately, and most importantly — they are questions that demand a decision, and questions which you must decide. Christianity and Judaism, alone, are absolutely compatible in the interpretation and application of the Love Of Neighbor Commandments, or, Morality.