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Video about how to grow back damaged relaxed hair:

My Hair Growth Journey (Relaxed Hair)

How to grow back damaged relaxed hair. .

How to grow back damaged relaxed hair

Post Relaxer- weeks and beyond. Detangle the ends first and then work your way back to the root. If you witness no change after following these 8 steps for up to 6 to 9 months then you need to consider seeing a dermatologist for hair loss or visit your doctor in case you have a medical problem. Stop shampooing your hair with commercial shampoos. If it is uneven and ragged or some strands are longer than others just cut it. Additionally, relaxers, even the non-lye variety, chemically weaken the hair, making it more prone to split ends. Deep Condition with added egg as a protein on the fourth week. Try to do this once per month until you relax your hair again. Avoid Heat, try to use it only once per month, if it all. Read about the benefits of sulphur for scalp here.

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    Opt for braids or twists instead of heat-based styles. Wash your hair frequently — If you want to grow your hair not just your edges.


    If you have no other choice but to use a sulfate laden shampoo, oil your scalp and hair shaft with olive, coconut or castor oil the night before you wash.


    Feel free to tweak the information here at will.


    The exception is if the hair follicles have been damaged beyond repair.


    Are you getting in all the nutrients you need to grow your hair?


    How often do you massage your edges? Find out on my website Google myhairgrowthlagos.