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How to have a sexy body. How to Build a Sexy Female Body.

How to have a sexy body

So, while I agree that on just about any level that there are a great deal of similarities in the way you can approach training, I recognize that there are some things that need to be taken into account. JB and I discussed this, and although he had a lot of data to back this up, no studies had been done. Examples can be seen in the works of many contemporary artists, both academic artists, such as Cabanel , Ingres , and Bouguereau , and impressionists, such as Degas , Renoir , and Toulouse-Lautrec. How heavy and how often will depend on the the goal—I have a lot of women focused purely on gaining strength that almost always train using close to maximal weight. This resulted in a beauty standard that reconciled the two aesthetics by using classically proportioned figures who had non-classical amounts of flesh and soft, padded skin. For example, "36—29—38" in imperial units would mean a inch bust, inch waist and inch hips. The cool thing about this is that even though our perception of what is sexy changes as a society, because of the way these qualifiers work in terms of attraction is based on unchanging ratios, they are still relevant. And yet, more often than not, you see women getting ready for fast-paced, intense workouts warming up with a lame 10 minute walk on the treadmill, or an even lamer series of stretches. Conversely, when you lunge backwards, your glutes get a lot more work on both the moving and non-moving leg and the section of the quads that run up and down the length of the femur rectus femoris get a bit more work. As the fashion houses in the early 50's still catered to a specific, elite cliental, the image of the fashion model at that time was not as sought after or looked up to as was the image of the celebrity. One of simplest ways to increase density is to shorten your rest periods. Wide stance squats with your toes pointed out place a greater emphasis on the glutes; make sure to focus on flexing and squeezing as you perform the movement.

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    Keeping those micro goals in mind is of the utmost importance…especially if you want to keep the client happy.


    The emphasis on protruding belly, breasts, and buttocks is likely a result of both the aesthetic of being well fed and aesthetic of being fertile, traits that were more difficult to achieve at the time.


    In sculptures from Classical Greece and Ancient Rome the female bodies are more tubular and regularly proportioned.


    If you truly want to be sexy—in the truly evolutionary and procreative sense of the word—train in a way that helps you develop a body that falls within those ratios.