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Video about how to please a man when on your period:

When she's on her period

How to please a man when on your period. Shani Mahadasha /Sani(Saturn) : 19 years period of hard work, sincerity and disipline.

How to please a man when on your period

In light of the universality of bodily effluvia and detritus as tools of magic, the singling out of menstrual blood, urine, and semen is most rationally approached on the basis of their intended effect generally spells of sex and love than on the basis of their origin human bodies. If your lover says, "Doodle-bug, i'd like to let you put your hand down there, but your nails' too long, just let me get my li'l clippers and trim you up and then we can do it. Bliss of the family, increase of valor prevails and journeys are undertaken. For this purpose, the semen can be fresh or gathered from a discarded condom -- or even stored in the freezer until needed. Take some of the resultant fluids and insinuate a bit of them into the food or drink of your prospective victim. I have done this often, with uniformly good results. This is a period when the person faces their limitations, and becomes aware of the possibility of their own mortality. Send your comments to: Well, here's a clue: Not to get your boss to bend over, not to win in court, not to get lucky gambling numbers and make others lose I am often asked this question, especially by women who want to work with their period blood during particular magical phases of the moon or who have collected semen or urine from a lover and found that it dried up before they were able to work with it.

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    Soaking the cloth or string in liquid will re-activate the fluid.


    Thus endeth the lesson on nail clippings.


    During the Shani Mahadasha, some sort of authority in the city, village or society may be acquired. If the gambler and his partner can retire to an alley to perform the act while the game is in progress, so much the better.