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Video about how to stop period cramps while sleeping:

Sleep Position To Alleviate Period Pain

How to stop period cramps while sleeping. Do Not Overlook Cramps After Period.

How to stop period cramps while sleeping

I recommend this highly to nocturnal leg cramps sufferers. I keep it in the fridge, because it does separate and "spoil" if it's not kept cool. I have stopped the over the counter leg cramp pills. But then I found your miracle tonic and I know that once I need to take it, it's just a matter of minutes and the pain will stop. Dysmenorrhea pain associated with menstruation is commonly experienced by women of reproductive age. Thank you for this great product. As anyone can tell, they come with no warning, and the pain can be excruciating. I saw this on the shelf at Kaufman's and thought, why not give it a try. I gotta confess - it truly is a remarkable potion. I was wrong, one cupful at bedtime, no cramps at all, all night long. I hobbled downstairs, put one capful in a little water and VOILA, the muscle relaxed within 2 minutes, just as promised. But now they are slowly returning back and thank God I keep extra bottles on hand.

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    My big problem is my circulation.


    I can testify that it really works fast. Constant pelvic cramps are one of the main symptoms of endometriosis,however for many women; the pain is more evident during their periods and may come with severe swelling.


    I have had periodic leg cramps so I picked up your product. Thank you so much.


    Took a good swig.


    They would curl so bad I was ready to slam a piano fallboard on them!