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Video about moisturizer for permed hair:

Moisturizing Dry Brittle Damaged Hair

Moisturizer for permed hair. Ultra Black Hair Natural Hair or Chemically Processed Hair Products.

Moisturizer for permed hair

I do the relaxer only every 2 months or so. What it does is takes her hair out! Braid Out Hairstyle achieved by braiding damp or moist hair in cornrows or single braids and after it drys the hair is unraveled to reveal a more defined curly hair. My daughter's hair is doing great I'm not having such good results yet so I wanted to get suggestions on how to fine tune what I'm doing. Comb your hair in a downward motion and style it in your usual fashion. You will find my solution a lot cheaper and more rewarding. Other sistahs use it to set with as well as detangle, however these uses were not the intended purpose. If they make your hair silkier and softer, why switch or experiment? I have also used Deva Curl Heaven in Hair a few times. If you can explain to here that it is only tingling, then yes you can use it on her to benefit her hair and stop the breakage.

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    Caring for the hair is what I focus on. Straightening the hair will help smooth the cuticle and softer.


    Chuck them in the trash, anything that can snag your ends will do your hair little good. Do not use them as a part of your daily regimen.


    Rinse your hair thoroughly.


    Braids are no exception.


    Get real results with a proven system!


    We reside on the beach front and we use desalinated water on her hair.


    A treatment to help add moisture back into the hair, by leaving a moisturizing conditioner with a penetrating heat source on your hair for an extended period of time. Yvette, I do not recommend relaxing a childs hair until puberty the hair often goes through hormonal changes around this time.


    Expecially if her hair is chemically processed. I do not recommend the conditioner on her because it has a strong stimulant that if she does not understand what it is doing, she may think it is burning her head.


    Do you have a bathroom full of black hair products that dont provide results? Virgin Hair Hair that is natural from the roots and have not been chemically processed or altered.