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Video about signs to know if your having a boy or girl:

Baking Soda Gender Test!

Signs to know if your having a boy or girl. Boy or girl – 28 signs during pregnancy.

Signs to know if your having a boy or girl

The Capricorn Boy The male Capricorn child craves security. The gender of your baby is apparently responsible for some hormonal discharge that can impact your personality. Are you craving for sour, savory, or salty food? Don't expect a girl who did that kind of cheating to be nicer with you! Jakarta is a decadent city: She misses many of your calls, she does not reply to your emails, or she does not try to gain your trust A Capricorn girl redefines the idea of changeability. On the other hand, there is some thought on women losing their hair faster when carrying a girl You sleep on your left: Now it is back to the same old routine of him coming home from work and spending the rest of the evening in his bedroom. If it was your partner, then it's a boy.

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    Whether we like it or not, pregnancy comes with weight gain. Cravings With boys, you crave salty and savory foods like pickles and potato chips.


    If you notice that your hands are very dry — so dry that there is skin coming off and cracking — that is another sign of baby boy.


    At play time your daughter prefers doing something she feels has a purpose. Pregnancy line up to the ribs:


    That, ladies, is the way nature plays on you! Blood pressure Believe it or not, this theory says you can predict your baby's sex 26 weeks before conception based on the mum's blood pressure.


    Morning sickness One theory goes that you can tell you're having a girl if you have bad morning sickness.


    However, be advised that the same is illegal in India and you can be punished by law for asking. Capricorns are born acting and talking like adults.


    Go, check the mirror!