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Recommended Reads: Dystopian

What are some good reads. My Top Ten Dark Reads.

What are some good reads

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    Keep your breathing steady.


    Guilty DARK pleasures of the kidnap-y kind. Start with two or three reps and increase as your strength improves.


    The total amount of work to climb the hill should be proportional to the weight moved up the hill. How you stand on a hill is very important - do it wrong and the guy behind might suddenly be on the pavement.


    A detective familiar with kidnapping cases and Stockholm Syndrome is kidnapped. Too much movement wastes energy.


    The cycling record is 8 minutes faster, 48 something vs 56 something. Once you have your season base, you might add climbs of minutes in a bigger gear that you can maintain easily at 70 rpm - but not if you have a history of knee problems.