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Top 10 Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair

What to do with transitioning hair. 7 Tips for Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair.

What to do with transitioning hair

But if you like to, you can massage your scalp with castor oil or a light oil such as Jojoba Oil , but avoid mineral oil. Every time I do a treatment I get far less breakage than I normally do when shampooing and detangling my hair. STEP3- Plait hair and leave to air dry. I follow all the steps for the crunched style above and then I chiny bump bantu knot the end of the hair and stick a pin it to keep up each knot. So you can pick what benefits you desire the most and create your own mixture. I usually use coconut oil for my weekly hot oil treatments. Whether your is natural or relaxed, deep conditioning is very important in hair care. Keeping your hair in sections as you pre-poo, shampoo and condition will save you a lot of breakage and shedding. Apply your favorite oil to seal in this lovely moisture. Sometimes we neglect our ends when applying product to our hair, but this is a critical step for long-term transitioners. I truly believe that this is the best way to wear my hair when hair is post relaxer six weeks.

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    I wore many different styles in the 2nd half of my transition for this very reason. Wind down your heat usage No need for a blow dryer or flat iron any more.


    Enjoy your healthier hair! Top 10 Deep Conditioners for Transitioning Hair 7.


    I started with four, but use six now.


    Good luck and congrats on going natural! I use a select few deep conditioners based on my hair needs at the time protein or moisture.


    Initially you may not see your true hair texture due to scab hair, which is rough and wiry hair in result of the chemical residue working its way out of the scalp.


    Also make sure when wearing these protective hairstyles, you do not pull too tightly when installing styles such as braids, buns, and ponytails.


    Great for smoothing the cuticle and it contains Vitamin E, which helps support optimal hair health.