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Video about when does the next blood moon occur:

Why is the Blood Moon red and when can I see it?

When does the next blood moon occur. Blood Moon Eclipses over Israel: Signs.

When does the next blood moon occur

A lunar eclipse over San Francisco Bay in note the moons have been enlarged slightly for clarity. When later experience proved that the new form also was inadequate, inasmuch as it could not adapt itself to some improvement necessary to the progress of the evolving life, it too was discarded and still another departure made, in a form adaptable to the necessary improvement. At the time the Race-spirit entered human bodies the individualized Ego commenced to get some slight control of its vehicles. Where will the Blood Moon be seen from? It allows no possibility for the building of anything new, no scope for originality. But if the animal ovum is studied through the entire period of gestation, it will be observed that it passes through the mineral and plant stages only, and is born when it reaches the animal stage. Jehovah came with His Angel and Archangels and made the first great division into Races, giving to each group the guiding influence of a Race-spirit--an Archangel. He has also the muscular force necessary to perform the action, corresponding to Activity, which is the third attribute of God. The moon will emerge from the dark part of Earth's shadow at 6: The threefold spirit in man, the Ego, is the God within, whom the personal, bodily man must learn to follow. If it is contended that man received his soul in the way described in this seventh verse of the second chapter of Genesis, and that he could have received it in no other way, it is pertinent to ask where and how woman received her soul?

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    But just as the builder of houses would lag commercially if he did not constantly improve his methods to meet the exigencies of his business, so those who persistently adhere to the old forms fail to rise above the species and are left behind, as stragglers.


    If it is contended that man received his soul in the way described in this seventh verse of the second chapter of Genesis, and that he could have received it in no other way, it is pertinent to ask where and how woman received her soul?


    When a man has reached that stage he will find that, instead of having lost his own family, he has gained all the families in the world, for they will have become his sisters and brothers, his fathers and mothers to care for and help. They have practiced marrying in the Clan until recent times; also in Gypsies, who always marry in the tribe.


    This can be shown even to those who stand firmly upon the Bible as authority, for even the King James version distinctly states Eccles.


    Furst, who co-operated with a fourth, Dr. His was the extraneous power that placed the oil in the water, where it would have remained inert and shapeless through all eternity had he not supplied the force that set it in motion, thereby causing it to shape itself into representation of Sun and planets.


    Science has lately discovered that haemolysis results from the inoculation of the blood of one individual into the veins of another of a different species, causing the death of the lower of the two. When the blood of a higher animal is inoculated into the veins of one from a lower species, the spirit in the blood of the higher animal is of course stronger than the spirit of the less evolved; hence when it endeavors to assert itself it kills the imprisoning form and liberates itself.


    Between deaths and rebirths we are constantly building bodies in which to function during our lives and a far greater degree of efficiency than the present will yet be reached.


    Man, who is in the vanguard of progress, has built his bodies, from the similitude of the amoeba up to the human form of the savage, and from that up through the various grades until the most advanced races are now using the best and most highly organized bodies on Earth. It is evident, therefore, that the chances of getting a correct translation were very small indeed.


    This ends the story of the manner in which the Forms were produced. The mineralogist will learnedly explain that it is composed of hornblende, feldspar, and mica, but the trained clairvoyant, who can trace it back in the memory of Nature, through millions of years, can supplement that statement by adding:


    When this alternation is made, the occult teaching as previously given harmonizes with that of the Bible and both agree with the teaching of modern science that man was bi-sexual at one time, before he developed one sex at the expense of the other. As the lines of force along which the ice crystals form are present in the water, so when the Earth crystallized, were those ethereal plant-forms present in it.